UK News:

UK economy in pole position as US growth disappoints
Weaker growth in the final quarter of 2014 has left the US economy behind the UK for the year as a whole

Russian planes 'disrupted UK aviation'
Russian military planes flew near UK airspace, causing "disruption to civil aviation" and prompting RAF jets to "escort" them, the Foreign Office says.

Russia patrols near UK 'routine'
Russia contests claims its planes caused "disruption to civil aviation" in the UK, saying the patrols were "routine" and met "international legal norms".

Will the UK's gas holders be missed?
One by one the UK's gas holders are being removed. But will they be missed?

UK exit from EU would have big consequences for Ireland, says Clarke
‘UK in Europe more valuable to US, more listened to by Russia and relevant to China’

UK asset managers weak on disclosing environmental, social investing -survey
UK asset managers are often failing to show they consider environmental and social factors when they invest, despite signing up to codes of conduct on responsible investing, an investment watchdog said on Saturday. ShareAction ranked Threadneedle as the most responsible in a survey of 33 UK asset managers who invest a combined 13.8 trillion pounds ($20.77 trillion) on behalf of pension funds ...

UK must end cover-up of Diego Garcia interrogations
Headline Title:  UK must end cover-up of Diego Garcia interrogations 30 January 2015 The UK authorities must respond urgently to a statement today by a former Bush Administration staffer that interrogations of CIA detainees took place on the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, Amnesty International said. Lawrence Wilkerson the Chief of Staff to the former US Secretary of State ...

Strong UK Equity Market Performance in 2015 Year-to-Date Overshadowed by Stronger Performance in Several Developed ...
According to the Russell Developed Europe Index, UK equities have risen 7.2% in 2015 as of 27 January, but still trail the overall Index and other index country constituents Finland, Italy, France, Germany ...

UK counterterror bill recalls Stasi
Tackling terror should not involve signing off on more powers of surveillance in the UK.

UK Summons Ambassador Over Russian Bombers
Britain has summoned Russia's ambassador after RAF Typhoons were scrambled when two Russian bombers flew over the English Channel. The British fighter jets were scrambled on Wednesday when the Russian TU-95 'Bear' long-range bombers flew near UK airspace. A Foreign Office spokesperson said while the planes stopped short of entering British airspace, the incident was part of an "increasing ...

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