UK News:

UK told to pay £1.7bn extra to EU
The UK has been told it must pay an extra £1.7bn (2.1bn euros) towards the European Union's budget because the economy has performed better than expected in recent years.

UK car production hits six-year high
UK car manufacturing in the first nine months of the year hit a six-year high, despite a dip in production last month.

UK retail sales fall in September
UK retail sales fall 0.3% September, adding to signs that the economic recovery may be losing steam.

Egypt Brotherhood 'no UK terror link'
A review of the Muslim Brotherhood's activity in the UK has cleared it of links to terrorism, the group's lawyers say.

Hammond: UK analysing Canada attack
British agencies are examining the attack on the Canadian parliament for possible implications on the UK, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says.

UK 'not deporting enough criminals'
The UK's spending watchdog criticises ministers for failing to deport more foreign national offenders - saying performance has barely improved over eight years.

UK manufacturing output 'has increased since 1978', ONS figures show
Manufacturing output has steadily increased since 1978 despite a 60 per cent fall in the total workforce, contradicting the view that the sector is disappearing.

UK House Prices Rocket Across London, Cambridge and Bristol
UK house prices continue to soar above pre-credit crisis highs but Cambridge and Bristol are two regions that are nearly overtaking London as areas that are experiencing the biggest surge in property prices over the last year.

UK gives extra £80m for Ebola fight
Prime Minister David Cameron pledges an extra £80m of aid for the fight against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

UK publishes more books per capita than any other country, report shows
UK tops chart of publications per million inhabitants by a huge margin, with only China and US publishing more titles in absolute terms UK publishers released more than 20 new titles every hour over the course of 2014, meaning that the country published more books per inhabitant than anywhere else in the world. According to a new report from the International Publishers Association (IPA) , UK ...

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